rockettab malware source

I have been receiving spam in my Google search results after some date (it was near 2016-10-28 iirc) and tried to pinpoint the source of the problem.  Disabling all Google Chrome extensions, and re-enabling them one by one revealed the extension to cause this behavior is Facebook Video Downloader 1.9.1.  I am using Chrome extensions with … Read more

microsoft windows clock issue

I use both Linux and Microsoft Windows on one of my PCs.  Linux by choice, Windows due to compatibility issues with some drivers/software that I need for my work. I noticed that my Windows clock was misbehaving.  It was 2 or 3 (when using summer time) hours early, meaning it was displaying UTC time and … Read more

apache 2 on debian wheezy upgrade failure

After running apt-get update && apt-get upgrade on a Debian Wheezy server package apache2-mpm-prefork:amd64 was removed and package apache2-mpm-itk:amd64 installed instead.  After this change in Apache worker, all Virtualhosts sites on the server stopped working, with the following error format in the logs: [Mon Nov 21 09:57:41 2016] [emerg] [client] (13)Permission denied: mod_fcgid: can’t … Read more

debian post-installation

Useful utilities I like to install after a fresh Debian installation (or on a running system): vim-nox debfoster localepurge htop iotop mytop latencytop sysstat debian-archive-keyring (to avoid apt-get update warnings) apticron (list available updates of installed packages along with the differences in the two versions) hdparm (measure I/O speeds) virt-what (decide if we are running inside … Read more

wordpress, nginx on vpsie vps

WordPress served by Nginx on a cheap VPS This is a first, test post written in WordPress, hosted on a cheap but fast VPS and served by Nginx.  I will post a short review about the VPS service I am currently using and hosts this blog. Enjoy!