debian post-installation

Useful utilities I like to install after a fresh Debian installation (or on a running system):

  • vim-nox
  • debfoster
  • localepurge
  • htop
  • iotop
  • mytop
  • latencytop
  • sysstat
  • debian-archive-keyring (to avoid apt-get update warnings)
  • apticron (list available updates of installed packages along with the differences in the two versions)
  • hdparm (measure I/O speeds)
  • virt-what (decide if we are running inside a VM and what type of VM)
  • apt-file (search which package a file belongs to)
  • checkinstall (a smarter make install replacement)
  • screen (terminal multiplexer, also check out tmux & byobu)
  • apt-listchanges
  • apticron
  • unattended-upgrades

Install all of them in one go:

apt-get update && apt-get install vim-nox debfoster localepurge htop iotop mytop \
latencytop sysstat debian-archive-keyring apticron hdparm virt-what apt-file checkinstall \
screen apticron apt-listchanges unattended-upgrades && apt-file update

This will be a rolling updated post as I use and learn more useful utilities.  Also, I may have to `dpkg -l` an already set up system to see what I am forgetting.

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