pc hardware stuff for sale

One of the rooms in my house is more like a hardware warehouse than an actual room.  Most of this stuff has to go, so I have a ton of stuff to sell or even give away, if you also buy something else.

Indexing all these items will most likely be hell, which is why I have avoided doing that till now, but I have to clear the room at some point, so if you need something, drop me a comment.

Off the top of my head, I have:

  • RAM (desktop & laptop)
  • HDDs (desktop)
  • VGAs (desktop)
  • PSUs (desktop & laptop)
  • Optical Bluray (desktop)
  • SATA IDE & USB cables (desktop)
  • Various adapters, USB cards
  • Complete PCs (desktops)
  • Complete laptop (Lenovo X41 tablet with stylus, charger, 2gb RAM & 60gb HDD)

I’ll make a proper list as soon as possible.


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