No, this blog is not dead

It’s been a long time since I last posted in the blog. For better or worse, life happened. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting again, and hopefully more often this time. I’ve got a pile of virtual post-it notes related to computer stuff that I should write down for better archiving and posterity. Because even … Read more

pac manager failure on debian stretch

After upgrading my laptop from Jessie 8.8 to Debian 9 Stretch on the 19th of June, 2017, PAC Manager stopped working. Specifically, it would start, but hanged when I tried to open a connection, either ssh or local. After searching around, I found the following post which seems to have given the solution: The … Read more

enable arrow keys support in nslookup

I use nslookup daily, and I find the fact that I can’t access previous commands or the command history inside nslookup command prompt frustrating to say the least. Looking for a solution, I stumbled across an question and answer and solved the annoyance. In Debian, do the following (as root, or with sudo): apt-get … Read more

apache2 mod_python version mismatch

I was getting some warnings in one machine’s Apache 2 web server error log regarding mod_python, see below: [Wed Jan 25 01:29:11.717727 2017] [:error] [pid 4389] python_init: Python version mismatch, expected ‘2.7.5+’, found ‘2.7.9’. [Wed Jan 25 01:29:11.717856 2017] [:error] [pid 4389] python_init: Python executable found ‘/usr/bin/python’. [Wed Jan 25 01:29:11.717864 2017] [:error] [pid 4389] … Read more

debian post-installation

Useful utilities I like to┬áinstall after a fresh Debian installation (or on a running system): vim-nox debfoster localepurge htop iotop mytop latencytop sysstat debian-archive-keyring (to avoid apt-get update warnings) apticron (list available updates of installed packages along with the differences in the two versions) hdparm (measure I/O speeds) virt-what (decide if we are running inside … Read more